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New Technology Development

Code932 exists to communicate, innovate, educate and have fun so that people can hope for more, become closer to each other, evolve, overcome tough moments and change mentalities.

We want to make the World a better place!

Change the Online Game Forever!

The Digital Concierge
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Our Company is our Team

Before everything else we are a team. A team of passionate people. We love each other, we hate each other, we support each other and we make each other better.

We know for a fact that “team” is the most efficient strategy, and we try to integrate the client into it.

Bespoke IT

“Bespoke IT” is our motto and it shows that we honestly believe that every project is like no other. Every project is someone’s “baby” and people are building their future and their business and they put their hope in us delivering the best for them.

We NEED to be creative, spontaneous, crazy sometimes, and a bit organised to help you build your business. That’s our recipe and we love it!

We believe in passion

Something needs to motivate a person for that person to give the best in what they do. How we do that? We believe in passion. We’re all passionate about different stuff. It can be riding motorcycles, swimming, inventing the next best app, painting, photography, acting, reading, bowling… it can be many things, but us humans need passion in our lives.

We support passion and we understand it. Our projects are someone’s passion and someone’s belief so we jump on board and we make it happen.

It’s gotta be fun!

We laugh a lot and we enjoy ad-hoc parties, team building trips, playing pranks on each other and making sure that nobody is getting too serious. Life wouldn’t be worth living without humor, right?

What we do

Code932 HUB

At Code932 we like to share our home with People. If you're either an individual or a company, an employee or a freelancer in any field of activity, and you want to help Iași and its people to learn and develop, you're welcome in our Hub932. We offer you a modular space with a capacity of 35 people where you can organize presentations, trainings, workshops, work meetings and any other kind of activities that cross your mind. We also have an office with four desks where you can quietly work and think. Everything you have to do is tell us what will be the impact of your activity on the community and we'll offer you our space for free. And so you don't have to worry about other things, we also provide the coffee, water, tea and other beverages. We'll make other things you might need available such as internet connection, projector, laptop, audio system, flip chart, paper and pens.

We wish that the events which will take place in Hub932 to meet three basic criteria: to be organized in a professional manner, to have quality content and to aim for the evolution of the city of Iași developing its people.

Let's develop Iași together!

Website Development

The sky's the limit in terms of web development for us. Our expertise in the last 15 years puts us in the race for any web related project. We were there when the World Wide Web started to develop and we are still here today.

We’ve learned a lot and we had the opportunity to work with amazing clients that allowed us to experiment and go over the boundaries of what everybody else does.

This is how we’ve learned to never say the word ”Impossible”. Like Henry Ford said: “Whether you believe you can or you think you can’t, you are right.” We believe we can!

Biometric Solutions

Since 2012 we’ve got into the beautiful and challenging world of biometrics. We believe that the future of security stays no longer in 20-character passwords or other crazy things like that.

Biometry becomes stronger and stronger and we are part of the innovative industry which tries to convince the world that this is the future.

Fiware Technologies

Being able to be in the first wave of Fiware projects gave us the pioneer’s opportunity to learn and innovate in a field that we believe will be the next best thing.

The first project was an award winning success and it opened doors together with our minds and we are now waiting for new challenges.

Internet of Things

We are surrounded by intelligent devices and our watch is now able “somehow” to turn off the lights in the house when we leave in the morning for work. We *know* how this works.

The sky is actually the limit in what we can develop in this field and we welcome your craziest ideas. This is how we change the IT world we live in.

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