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You obviously have an amazing idea.

It's possible that your idea is the next big thing and all you need now is to allow the world to experience it.

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Allow us to join your team, and please, join ours.

We would be honored to be the ones that help you bring this idea to life and share it with the world. We work pretty Agile, but more Shtagen. You can google it as much as you want and you will not find out what Shtagen is. It’s something that we invented. It’s the way that we get organised. Probably the easiest way to explain this is that we work with you, not for you.

What we know is technology. What you know is business. If we put these two together and we add a lot of experience we have a success story.

The first step is to like each other so we invite you to get in touch with us, have a coffee, discuss about your project and we’ll take it from there.


Some of the people we have worked with were kind enough to say a few words about us:

Andrei and the team at Code932 are a great team to work with for any website or system design! No matter how big or how small the job they take pride in their work and dedication to the job. The team is always available around the clock to assist no matter what the job is. I would recommend this team and this great company to anyone that has any website needs!

Chris Peddycord
VP of Business Integration with SHOP.COM

The future sounds good.

I have met Code932 team many years ago when I was in great need of 3D renders for a future IMC project. They delivered unexpectedly fast and unexpectedly well. I didn't forget about them. Then we started talking more about different subjects. Small and safe steps. Natural.

At that time they foresaw that the budgets would move online, the applications trend had started and also the evolution of Facebook. The things they were saying used to come true in 2 or 3 months, it was already visible on the market of the industry.

I was saying to myself: These guys are coming from the future. They have vision, they have the feeling, they know what's next, they feel the next trend.

What was the next challenge? How to collect more Facebook likes than one of our competitors. Fantastic campaign, against the clock. And we made it. With them, with Code932.

These guys are definitely from the future!

Ovidiu Galan
Senior Marketing Manager at Iulius Group

We are a technology innovation company who has outsourced all of our R&D to Code932 during the past seven years. We have always had excellent service from them in all areas of technology in which we work, including biometrics, video chat, live video streaming and payments security.

Andrei and his team have always delivered on their promise to provide excellent solutions to very complicated problems, within budget and on time.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organisation that requires complicated solutions to innovation problems.

Matthew Silverstone
CEO at Facebanx

Code 932 have made our vision a reality. Their ability to take a concept, understand exactly what we want and create the solutions has been nothing short of awesome. It's also not just about tech delivery with these guys, it’s about value adding as well. Using their vast experience and forward thinking they have been able to present issues and solutions we had not thought of. This is the real value which Code932 offers. Genuine partnership and value adding to build incredible sustainable and efficient solutions to our projects. It’s been a great ride so far and I look forward to many more miles with the Code932 team.

Gerald Eva
Founder of Purveyance Solutions

Our collaboration with Code932 has proven extremely valuable. I could say that they became our strategic partners for the technical area (programming, security, technical consulting, implementation). We've been working together for a long time and we're extremely excited with this partnership. We launched together many successful projects and we're waiting for the next ones :).

Georgiana Dragomir
General Manager at Grapefruit

Code932 are brilliant. Their expertise has been invaluable to my company. They designed and built my CRM system for the employment agency that I run in London. They respond immediately to my emails and have never let me down in their follow-up service. Nothing is too difficult for them to solve and I am constantly impressed by their knowledge and speed of response.

Teresa Godbold
CEO at Homeclean Domestic Cleaning Ltd

Our Team

Andrei Dănilă


Go big or go home!

Andrei is natural born leader. Honesty is his best asset, he always knows how to tell the truth without upsetting anyone. Andrei is an example to us all, he never asks for something from his team before he does it first. Our leader always has outside the box ideas which keep us up and running.

His sense of humor helps us relax even when we're in official meetings, trainings, conferences or other important events.

Andrei is really passionate about motorcycles, he doesn't only ride them, he also builds them.

Dragoș Grosu


Good is the enemy of great.

Dragoș is our technical guru. When we encounter an issue, we turn to him for help because we know that he will always have an answer. After all, with 17 years of experience in programming and mastering more than 23 technologies, he’s been through these situations more than once.

He is the one who makes sure that everything works perfectly. Dragoș trusts this team very much and he knows that whatever happens, his team will always figure it out and have great results.

Nature is his escape, Dragoș loves mountain hiking and gardening.

Bogdan Cucu


Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.

He's been a PHP developer for almost 11 years and he developed over 20 projects. He never loses faith in the people and things that he believes and he does not give up until he achieves his goals. When you're looking for an expert that you can rely on anytime, well, that's Bogdan.

Bogdan is an authentic morning person. He greets us every single morning at the office. Well, except for his days off.

Football helps him unwind after a long day of coding. And his four beloved cats help Bogdan relax after a long and exhausting football game.

Speedy - Constantin Coșuleanu


Good things come to those who wait, greater things come to those who are willing to work for them.

In almost 15 years of programming, Constantin aka Speedy, learned to master 6 languages and wrote 724.353 lines of code. Speedy knows everything about everything and real challenges motivate him the most. He has a high capacity of understanding complex technical matters, so if you need someone to explain you some complicated stuff, he's the one to ask.

Speedy's our living source of scientific information, there is no science documentary that he hasn't watched. He's also our official Pastafarian priest.

Sports, bodybuilding and motorcycling are Speedy's hobbies and he manages to do them all in his little spare time.

Ionuț Chirică


Less is more!

No wonder Ionuț delivers high-quality and trending designs after more than 17 years of practice. He has a huge portfolio of designs delivered and tens of thousands of lines of code optimized. You can always rely on him when you need an expert's advice on anything design-related.

He has been a part of the team since the beginning and he has always been devoted and passionate about his work. Even if he's always prepared with new and creative ideas, he is the most realistic of us all.

Photography is his passion, badminton is his way of unwinding after a hard day and his baby boy... well that baby is the only creature on this Earth who never fails to put a smile on his face.

Daniela Drăgan

People developer

Do what you like and you will be 100% happy.

Being called mother of all communications, Daniela ensures that everyone communicates anything properly. She keeps everyone calm, satisfied and productive and mediates all sorts of problems and misunderstandings. From trainings to personal counseling and all sorts of interviews to career and strategy development, she does them all with passion.

Daniela is the person that knows everyone in the company better than anyone else, and she always makes sure that everyone is in a good mood.

In her spare time, Daniela does yoga to chill out and keep in shape, she performs in experimental theatre shows and she reads all kinds of articles and books about the Universe.

Vlad Balmoș


Patience is a virtue.

Programming is not just an occupation or a simple profession for Vlad, he truly loves it. That's why his code comes near to perfection and so do his standards and methods. He loves challenges and he'll always say yes to a new and complex project or technology.

Vlad is the whizz-kid of the team. You'll never get the answer ”I don't know” when you ask him something about programming.

When he doesn't write code for pleasure, Vlad swims a lot or rides his mountain bike. These sports along with mindfulness meditation help him relax and get in touch with his inner self.

Liviu Iosif


I am easily satisfied with the very best.

Liviu is a super fast learner. Being curious about new things, he doesn't give up until he's found the answers to all the questions. He became a PHP expert in a very short period of time and now he teaches other developers how to do their work. Liviu is very well organized in everything that he does and he loves to do everything by the book.

The fine sense of humour is one of his strong points along with the great amount of new ideas for improvement in the team.

When he wants to loosen up a little bit, Liviu reads books about anything from literature to science and self-development or he swims like a professional athlete.

Cristian Moroșanu

web designer

First there was the storm, then came the rainbow.

Cristian has a really fine and natural-born taste in design. The combination of open-mindedness and passion for what he does give him the advantage of learning fast. The designs that he creates not only look awesome but they’re also aligned with the latest trends. So he always knows beforehand if something will catch on.

He doesn’t talk way too much like the rest of us do, but when he does it’s either something useful or something really really funny.

What does a designer to relax? Well, ours writes books. Cristian published a book a couple of years ago and he plans on publishing the next one.

Andrei Rusu

test developer

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Rusu is a really fast learner and a motivated and hard worker. All he needs is people who allow him to do things his way, to express his thoughts and ideas. He's always present with every project that’s assigned to him and does it far more better than anyone could expect. His road from manual testing to automation testing was so short that we didn’t even notice it.

He’s always so happy and cheerful that we often wonder how he looks like when he’s angry or sad. Rusu, probably the most lovable tester in the world!

Andrei has been practicing target shooting since he was thirteen, and he’s really good at it. We think that this passion of his should have something to do with his cool mental state.

Tudor Roman


Always be true to who you are!

Tudor is the guy that will always say yes to a new project. He's never scared of the unknown and he's always prepared for the unexpected. He likes to work with positive and honest people, maybe that's why he loves this team so much.

He's not always extremely energetic, but when he's in his best mood he sings all day long, while working, walking, eating, driving, talking. Oh, and he laughs. A lot!

Tudor has a wide range of activities in his spare time from volleyball to animes, video games, bowling and board games, so that he never gets bored.

Veronica Maria


When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… with chia.

Even if she had a long break from work for raising her children, she came back full of energy and ready to catch up with the latest technologies. Veronica (aka Vero) is a fast learner and a hard worker, she likes to take challenges and become better every day at what she does.

She blended into the team like she was never gone, despite the fact that we’ve changed a lot during the years she was absent. Vero raised the percent of girls in the company to 20 and the other girls are thankful for that.

Veronica loves to spend quality time with her two smart and beautiful children educating them in a healthy way.

Mircea Aftanase


Promise little, do much.

Mircea realized that freelancing was not a thing he could do forever. At some point you start to feel lonely and develop the need to work among people. So he decided to search for his perfect team. That’s how we ended up together and we’re all really glad this happened. Mircea learns fast and he always surprises us doing more than expected.

He’s our master brewer. Mircea’s beer is some sort of heavenly potion we could easily use as an everyday fuel for our developers.

Mountain bike and cross country competitions are his passion. But as long as it is pretty difficult to do them in the winter, Mircea goes skiing in order to keep active all year long.

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